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NeXaccounts Online Accounting Solutions

NeXreceipts Online Cash Receipting Software


Simple cash based receipts

NeXbooks Online Cash-Based Books


Invoicing - Payments - Reports

Job Logger Online Time Card Software

Job Logger

Mobile Time Cards

NeXchores Pocket Money for Chores


Pocket Money for Chores


Providers of Online Solutions

From online accounting systems, simple receipts, ordering and quote forms, to online time cards, most paper based systems can now be replaced by cloud based solutions. NeXreceipts, NeXbooks, Job Logger, and NeXchores were developed to cover most users needs, and can be customised to suit your particular requirements. If adapting them doesn't suit your needs, let us create a solution built to your unique specifications.

We specialise in turning your previously indispensible paper system into a web based program and making it accessible from anywhere by sending it to the cloud. Having your systems in the cloud brings convenience for your staff & end users, and generally time-saving benefits for you. Security certificates can also be installed, so your sensitive data is kept safe.

If you have a project that could benefit from the convenience being in the cloud brings, we can make it happen, whether you need access by computer, tablet or mobile phone.